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Privatdetektiv Büro AG Zürich - seit 1962 im Zürcher Handelsregister eingetragen - Observationen & Ermittlungen - swiss private detective agency - established 1962 in Switzerland - surveillances & investigations


Covert Electronic Surveillance

Our team can design and install covert cameras and video recording systems to collect evidence. A covert vehicle can be placed in a location to remotely monitor any address. Cameras can also be installed in rooms and offices as long as it is complying with local law.


Footage will be recorded on to time and date stamped video for evidential purposes.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our discreet tracking devices can monitor a car's position around the clock without the need to access the car. Our Clients receive daily or instant reports of locations the vehicle visiting. These tracking devices are an invaluable tool in and are mostly used together with a surveillance team.


An example: where a pattern of behaviour becomes apparent or a particular address becomes of interest our team is available to obtain video imagery and still photographs; evidence that will be admissible in court.


TSCM - Counter-Electronic Surveillance

We offer an up-to-date Counter SurveillanceMeasures sweep, utilizing the latest radio and telecommunications line analysing equipment, operated by former federal agents. Our team can survey your premises and detect any illicit system. A comprehensive report about the technical search and our recommendations is presented upon completion.


For further information on Covert Electronic Surveillance, GPS Tracking and Counter Electronic Measures or to discuss a matter or situation, please contact Mr. Themis Kostenas on +41 44 241 14 14 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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